• 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac access point designed for different applications.
  • Dual-band operation and advanced 802.11ac technologies such as MIMO and beam forming, delivers high throughput and reliable coverage required by demanding business applications like voice and video.
  • Up to 400Mbps IP throughput.
  • Supports different channel bandwidths: 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 MHz.
  • Wavesys is managed via cloud, with an intuitive browser-based interface.
  • Remote diagnostics tools enable real-time troubleshooting over the web, meaning multi-site, distributed networks can be managed remotely.
  • Ideal for Transportation, Municipalities.
  • Use a single Wavesys1000 for backhaul communications and for access communications.
  • Bandwidth control: set different maximum bandwidths rates per station.
  • Layer-2 network for easier deployment: no need to configure routes.
  • Working in 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Ideal for Municipalities, Campus buildings, control systems.
  • Add redundancy to the network.
  • Use a single Wavesys1000 with two 5GHz radios to build each node.
  • 3G/4G interface as a backup.
  • Use the extra radio slot for a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).
  • Integrate remote sites into your network with minimum deployment, maintenance costs and maximum availability.
  • Layer-2 network for easier deployment: no need to configure routes.
  • Avoid a central point of failure.
  • Up to 5 hops.
  • Configure different Mesh Nodes as Gateways.
  • Most flexible way to deliver voice, video and data in outdoor environments.
  • Less costly and disruptive than running cable.
  • Self-forming and self-healing network, leading to lower costs of administration and maintenance.
  • Designed for long range star networks.
  • Use different RF components than the end-point to enable high capacity and serve as a transparent bridge relaying messages between end-devices and a central network server in the backend.
  • Quick-to- deploy and easy to manage.
  • Ideal for Industry applications.
  • Multiple cellular interfaces: 3G/4G connected to different operators and using different antennas.
  • Cellular aggregation from different operators increasing system’s performance and reliability.
  • Can be Used as main communications path, redundant path or singly for remote management.
  • VPN client for secure communication.
  • VPN server/client for secure communication.
  • Supports multiple VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN.
  • Multi-provider bandwidth bonding combining multiple links from multiple providers into a single tunnel.
  • Automatic Failover handoff − intelligently monitors connections and automatically turns control over Failover when links become unstable.
  • VPN Bonding Across Multiple WAN Links.
  • DHCP – automatic IP addressing in LAN network.
  • NAT – IP address and ports translation between inside/outside network.
  • Firewall – filtering of addresses, ports, protocols.
  • VRRP – virtual backup router function.
  • DynDNS client – access to the router with a dynamic IP address.
  • VLAN 802.11Q – virtual LAN.
  • QoS – quality of service.
  • PPPoE Bridge – PPP frames encapsulation inside ETH frames.
  • STP – spanning tree protocol.
  • Routing protocols (OSPF, RIP, BGP).
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Device Management – Check and control the status of all devices at a glance.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring – View real-time bandwidth usage and spot usage anomalies for each device.
  • Device Dashboard – See all devices from an easy-to- use dashboard, using maps views.
  • Client Overview – Drill down to see all active clients and their current bandwidth usage.
  • Firmware Management – complete firmware management and firmware rollout scheduling.

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